I look forward to seeing or hearing from you! Please read through the website carefully as it should answer most of your questions.*Offensive phone calls, texts, and emails will be ignored. Vulgar use of language during our chat will terminate the conversation. I do not answer blocked or 'unknown' numbers.

       ~  The best way to reach me is by phone - call or text at any hour, day or night - 504.435.8885  ~

Please call or text to book an appointment right away, or email me via the form provided below with any questions about a visit in the future or with any (clean) questions that were not addressed within the site. I do try to check my email at least once a day but if I haven't answered you back then please reach me via text, as I will see that right away. I do not have international calls on my phone plan so if your number is out of the USA and you don't reach me on your first call attempt, please don't wait for my return call because I will not be able to call you back. I am however able to text to international numbers now, so if you call and do not reach me please text and I will get back to you as soon as possible. 

PLEASE do not call back to back, over and over again. If I was not able to answer on your first call then it means I am not able to speak right at that moment and I will call/text you back as soon as I am able. Blowing the phone up won't make a difference and actually only serves to irritate and annoy. :)

**I apologize in advance if I am not able to get right back to you, or if our schedules are not able to line up on a particular occasion. I always try my best to get back to every one and apologize if your call may have "fallen through the cracks" or so they say... If this has happened, please try to call again another time or the next day that you are feeling up for some company. 

Thanks again! I can just feel it - this is the start of somethin' good! :-)

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