Ya don't say...

A guy sits at the local bar in a small dusty town sipping his brew and shaking off the long work day. Suddenly he is approached by a hot young female wearing a tight, strawberry red dress. Standing close enough that he can smell her flowery perfume, she strikes up a flirty conversation.  After a short bout of small talk, he mentions his brand new car sitting outside in the parking lot and she suggests that they "go for a ride".

After a drive on winding roads through the countryside and up to lover's lane they enjoy eachother to the fullest with a hot sweaty romp in the backseat. Afterwards, while wiping the sweat from her brow, the chick says "Oh, I forgot to mention this, but I'm a working girl and that'll be $150." After the shock and irritation wears off the guy nods, gets dressed, and returns to the drivers seat. 

After a moment he can hear the chick impatiently clear her throat from the backseat. He looks back and calmly says "Oh, I forgot to mention this, but I'm a taxi driver, and the round trip is $75 each way."


;-) Bahahaha!

Remember, Don't sweat the small stuff and don't pet the sweaty stuff! (Unless it's the good kind of sweaty) hehehe :-)