Where have all the (honest, truthful, trustworthy) men gone?

Many apologies up front because this is about to be a rant...

So when I grew up it pretty much went without saying that if you had called and set up a meeting with someone, whether it be a friend or professional visit, and you were running late or had decided not to go at all, that the person would call and let the other know they were either running behind or that they were canceling the meet alltogether. Apparently this isnt the normal standard anymore. 

If I am running late to somewhere it bothers me more than the other person. I HATE being late! Not only that, but if I am happening to run behind schedule I make sure I always call that person and let them know. If I end up not being able to go at all, the same applies- I call or text and either reschedule or just simply apologize for not being able to make it.

Where has this simple, age old tradition gone? Have we all (okay, not ALL) become so self absorbed that only our OWN time matters to us? Have we become so disconnected with eachother that we can't even send a one minute text to let that person know that our plans had changed? Where is the simple decency anymore?? I feel like I havent lived enough decades yet to be saying "I remember back when life was...", but apparently I have. 

I'd love to blame it on the millenial generation and say that it's just the misguiding of a particular sect of society and this tragedy to common courtesy doesn't happen outside of that age range... But unfortunately I can't. All age ranges have taken a turn in participating in this. 

It is especially surprising here down south, because the tradition of Southern Hospitality is certainly not dead... I still am greeted on the street with hearty and happy "How you doin' today?" by kind strangers and I still see many a seat forfeited by the younger and given freely to the elder citizens on the streetcars. So why have so many abruptly dropped this same type of hospitality when it pertains to something as simple and common as making or keeping a set appointment? 

                                                          I am truly baffled...

To those of you that have been guilty of this even once before, read this: Please know that I don't sit around in my finest dress all day in heels and makeup, all set and ready for the phone to ring so I can accept friends over at a moments notice. When I have a guest coming I prepare for it. I tidy up my home, wash any stray dishes that linger in the sink, straighten up and dust or clean anything that needs attention. I then prepare myself. I hop into a nice hot bubble bath or if time does not allow that I take a shower. Then I choose an outfit that I think would be pleasing to the eye for that particular guest, then next I wash my face and do my eyes and lips in makeup so they're matching with the selected outfit and also pleasing to the guests eye. I then perfect any little details in my home that I think would make the guest feel at ease and welcomed, whether this be lighting candles, spraying a light fruity scent in the air, putting a special movie on TV or choosing certain music to play quietly in the background. 

Overall I suppose my point is this... I take time and prepare myself and my home for a guest and I also clear my schedule so there will be no chance of interruptions. When I put all of this effort into making it a memorable and special event, and then I'm sitting there still alone at our prearranged meeting time because that person is running late and doesn't have the decency to send a simple text and let me know they're running late, or (even more frustratingly) I get canceled on last minute or stood up alltogether, it really really REALLY makes all of the effort and time that I put into each new guest's visit seem not all that important anymore. 

If you are running late, please tell me. If you decide not to come at all, please tell me! How you treat others speaks HUGELY to your character. And please keep in mind, you only get a chance at a first impression once. 

To all my VIP gents that are prompt, timely, or bring it to my attention if they're running behind or have to reschedule for some reason- You know who you are and I THANK YOU IMMENSELY for being you!! I appreciate you greatly and you stand here as an example for how I wish the rest of the population would come to be! It is because of you that I wear a shining smile and love to be social still, despite all the down falls of those that are not so VIP or gentlemanly in their character and morals. Don't ever stop being awesome!! :-)

Smiling through the irritation,

Rissa ;-)