Unique Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Her

Have you grown tired of picking up the same old box of chocolates and sappy Valentine's Day card for your significant other? Here are some super original ideas for you that will knock her off her feet and be the spark you need to light the flame of love this Valentine's Day!

- Handmade Coupon Book - Buy a package of colorful index cards and make individual 'one time use' coupons with them. You could write things such as 'Good for one car wash', 'Use for one back rub', or 'One week of washing the dishes/doing laundry'. She will be in awe at your thoughtfullness and Im sure if she is like any other hard working gal, she will certainly be thankful for the break!

- 'Quiet Time' Gift Basket - Pack a wicker basket full of her favorite things such as a candle, a book, a clip-on reading light, fuzzy socks, coffee mug w/ hot cocoa packs, her fav candy, and a soft blanket. She will love taking the time out of her busy day and unpacking the contents all in one comforting moment!

- '52 Ways I Love You' Card Deck - Have a lady that loves to play poker or rummy? Take a deck of cards and write on the inside of each one a different thing that you love or admire about her. This way every time you two play cards she will be reminded of what a thoughtful, caring sweetheart you are!

- 'Complete Car Tune Up' Gift Card - I don't know of one woman that wouldn't love to receive this as a gift! Hand write the coupon and specify things that you will do to make sure her vehicle is road worthy, such as 'Check & Fill Fluids', 'Wash, Wax & Buff', 'Change Oil', 'Check tires & Alignment', etc.

- 3 Months Worth of Dates Pre-planned - Gift your lady a calendar, and have her circle one Saturday per month for the next three months. Write on the picture part of the calendar what you have planned out for that month's date night, such as 'Dinner & a Movie', or 'Opera & Cocktails', etc.

- Perfume Created By YOU - Search online for a perfumery. There are many places that will hand mix a signature scent that you create. You could look up what the base scent notes are of your ladie's favorite perfume and create a scent that is akin to the same type. For example, if her favorite scent is Lucky You for Her, then she likes the more powdery, softer notes, so you could have the perfumist create a scent using powder and cotton notes. Once you have created your scent, you can have it added to body lotions, candles, body powder, and even incense sticks!

- 'You & Me' Picture Frame - Nothing says 'I love you and I think about you' like a personalized photo frame that has a cute picture of you two already put into it! Many jewelry shops will engrave items such as metal photo frames for a very reasonable price. Buy a nice quality metal frame and have them engrave the date you two met/got married, or a lovey dovey saying that you know she would like, or simply put 'I love you to the moon and back'. No matter what it says, she's going to absolutely love it because of the thought and time you put into making it for her!

- Charm Bracelet - If your lady is one that loves bracelets, gift her a bracelet that you can add charms to, and include one charm that you picked out for her with the bracelet. (Then you already know of at least one birthday gift you can buy her for years to come - another charm to add to her bracelet!) Jared's Galleria has an amazing collection of charms and baracelets called the Pandora collection. They have hundreds of little charms including everything from sports to shopping to food, etc... Whatever it is that your lady loves, they have a charm representation of it!

- Photo Album of Candid Pics - Whenever she isn't noticing, snap a secret pic of you and her whenever you have the opportunity. It could even be you smiling beside her sleeping face, or you smiling behind her while she is stirring the spaghetti sauce on the stove for dinner... If she happens to catch you in the act, just play it off as if you were trying to get a good phone signal. Then, print out all the pics and put them into a photo album that she would like. She will be happily stunned when she opens it and realizes that all those times you were 'trying to get a good phone signal' you were actually working on her Valentine's Day gift! 

- Map - Plan a weekend get away to a city that you know she would love. Buy a map of this city and pre-map out the route to all the places you would like to take her, and personalize the map with stickers and little personal notes that show you put extra thought and care into the trip. Be sure that you make all the needed reservations ahead of time and buy any tickets to movies/museums/operas/plays ahead of time as well and tape them onto the map next to their proper locations. 

- Gift Card Collection - Gift your favorite female a wallet that is loaded with gift cards to her favorite stores. (And perhaps a little extra cash in the money pocket of the wallet, just for the heck of it too! Lol) Then plan a shopping day and schedule out what time you will head out, where you will stop and eat for meals, etc. so all your lady has to do is worry about what she wants to buy! She will be FLOORED at your thoughtfullness!

- Picnic Basket - Fill up a picnic basket with all of you and your lady's favorite sandwiches, cheeses, fresh fruits, and a special dessert for two, along with paper plates, napkins, two wine glasses and a bottle of red or white wine, and gift her an afternoon out at the park or local zoo with you. She will love the time of just you two together and make sure you snap pics all day of the two of you so that you can get  jump start on her birthday gift of a photo album filled with pics you took of the two of you! =-)

Did I flip your creative switch and inspire you to ditch the usual dozen roses and box of chocolates for something that is more personalized and well suited for your 'better half'? =-) I will admit that being a single chick myself, it is always WONDERFUL to receive chocolates or flowers out of the blue by a gentleman, mainly because on my birthday I don't have a beau that buys me those things so I am still genuinely thrilled at the notion, but Im assuming that if you have been with your lady for anything over a few years then the flowers/chocolates/hallmark card bit has run it's course by now. ;-) Hopefully this has helped you to find something that won't break the bank but will show your special one how much you love and appreciate them! 

Know that I appreciate all of you, my VIP gents!!! =-) Next time we meet, let me know which idea was your favorite, and if you are planning on using any of them for Valentines Day or a birthday celebration that's coming up! Hope to see you sooner than later! *smooch* -Rissa