Super Bowl Party Hacks

Here are a few ideas to take the hassle out of throwing a party -

Chips & dip served with style: Place a wine glass upright in a large serving bowl. Pour chips into bowl around the outside of the glass. Fill inside of wine glass with chip dip and wha la! Instant, no-hassle serving tray!

Fool proof potato wedges: To get the perfect, evenly sized potato wedges, cut potatos with an apple slicer. After washing the potato, hold upright on cutting board and place the apple slicer ontop, then push downwards to cut the potato into evenly sized wedges. Place onto a baking sheet, spray lightly with olive oil, then sprinkle your favorite seasoning ontop such as garlic salt, onion powder, creole seasoning, 'slap ya mama', or my personal favorite, Tony Chachere's Spice & Herbs Seasoning. Bake wegdes in the oven at 375 degrees until they are crispy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Garbage turned into a game: Party guests that clean up after themselves?!?! What?!?! Yes, it IS possible, friends! Lol... Tape a makeshift end-zone fork onto a large trash can, then tape a large sheet of green poster board standing up along the back side of it to act as a 'backboard', and your guests will have loads of fun going for the goal with their empty soda/beer cans and paper plates. Form the end zone fork out of rolled up poster board, empty paper towel tubes, or even empty soda cans taped together in a forked shape. If you want to go super crafty, PVC pipe would work amazingly, and you could also stash it away for next years party too!

Black light twist: Turn your night into an illuminated blast by adding tonic water to your drink cooler, punch bowl, and any mixed drinks you make. Then replace the light bulbs in the room with black light bulbs, and get your glow on! The tonic water will glow under black light and create a soft glowing blue effect. Very cool!

Spill proof your drinks: Chick-fil-a drink cup lids fit perfectly on red solo cups, so grab a handful next time you visit there and stash away for the party. Top off every mixed drink or beer you pour your guests with a lid and straw so you can assure yourself there wont be any spills to clean up!

Serving icecream with a cinch: Rather than breaking your wrist trying to scoop that rock hard icecream out of the flimsy square or cylinder containers, try this- take a sharp butcher knife and cut slices off of the entire carton. You can only cut off as much as you need and then plastic wrap the remaining section to put back into the freezer, or cut the entire carton up into however many servings of icecream you need.

Cost effective table covering: Not trusting the chilli cheese hotdogs or BBQ hot wings sauce to be served over the wife's lace tablecloth? Fold the lacy things up and store away in the closet for this party. No need for it! Buy a roll of green wrapping paper, or (if you can find it,) one that coordinates with your favorite football team, and roll out down the length of the serving table. Wha la! Instant table runner that can be spilled on, stained, and just crumpled up and thrown out at the end of the party! *Extra tip- If you use green wrapping paper, draw some white lines across it in even intervals and number them as if they are the lines on the football field.

Illuminated cooler: Don't you hate having to dig through an elbow deep pool of freezing cold water to find that one type of soda you are looking for in the bottom of the drink cooler? Eliminate this problem by tossing a few glow sticks into the bottom of the cooler! The water will increase the glow of the sticks and you will be able to see what you are looking for, rather than having to go swimming for it!

Popcorn bar: Have more than a few picky friends that want their snacks to be 'just so'? Have them make it for themselves then! (In a polite manner, I mean... Lol) Fashion a popcorn bar table by popping a huge bowl of regular popcorn, then a separate large bowl of buttered popcorn. Surround these two large bowls with smaller bowls of topping ingredients and sauces that your guests can add to their popcorn to create the perfect snack that is styled just for them, by them. Provide topping options such as: M&M's, salted peanuts, chocolate and caramel syrup, powdered sugar, candied walnuts, and then go the more savory route on the buttered popcorn side with toppings like: pretzels, hot cheetos, cheese-its, melted butter spray, and creole seasoning. Provide your guests with small paper bags so they can get busy mixing their very own popcorn munchie mix!

Spill-proof drink tray: Having to carry more than one drink at a time to your guests over a long distance? Place multiple cups into a muffin tin before making the trek. Boom! Instant drink serving tray that ensures spill-proof serving!

Last minute XL cooler: If you run into the dilemma of having more drinks than you do room in your cooler, use your washing machine! Fill with ice then add the drinks, and after the party is over simply remove and remaining beverages, and let the ice simply melt away!