Pet Peeves (Aaaaaarrrrgggggg the FRUSTRATION!)

Have you ever had that one day where it seemed all day long like people were just out to annoy you? Complete strangers- people you see out in public, in the store, driving past others on the street, people EVERYWHERE had obviously all gotten up that morning and had an email in their inboxes that said "If any of you see this girl (a pic of my face attached to the message) make sure that you do whatever you can to annoy the heck out of her. Thanks and have a great day!" Lol... I know that's virtually impossible but doesn't it just seem like it some days? (Or am I the only one? Lol) Well, I am listing out all my pet peeves so I can get these off of my chest and thrown into the forever-fabric of internet space. Okay, here goes... (Anyone relate to any of these?)

  1. Not using the turn signal when driving.
  2. Chomping food and chewing with ones mouth open. (Reminds me of a cow chewing its cud. If you have ever seen this in real life before, it is disgusting. Lol
  3. Poor customer service/bad waitressing. 
  4. Seeing cigarette butts everywhere on the ground. (I am convinced that they never biodegrade. When you see the filter to a cigarette on the ground that hasn't been sold in decades, you start to wonder...)
  5. Littering & litterbugs. (Especially when the piece of trash on the ground is literally TWO steps away from a garbage receptical! How lazy can a person get?)
  6. Misuse of 'your & you're' and 'there, they're & their'. Just because they sound the same doesn't mean they mean the same thing.
  7. When people are chronically late and they know it, and rather than apologize for making you wait on them they just excuse themselves by saying something like "That's just me, I'm late everywhere I go." (Well, it IS possible to NOT be late, I mean, I DID IT when I arrived here on time and ended up having to wait on you.... Lol)
  8. Not covering ones mouth when coughing or sneezing, especially in public. (I have my own germs. I don't need any of yours unless I ask for them, thank you!)
  9. People saying 'literally' to something that is obviously NOT literal. Literally means actually- It's not just a word used to emphasize an action. (Example: "I hit my snooze button literally a thousand times this morning." I mean, really? A thousand times? Doubtfull!)
  10. Line cutting. Social morals and rules apply to everyone!
  11. Persistant, loud, pushy vegans & vegetarians. (You are allowed to eat basically any way that you want, but please don't push your anti-meat beliefs on me. Besides, recent scientific studies have shown that plants are "living beings with feelings" just like any animal. They grow strong and tall in response to love and posativity, and wilt and grow frail when subjected to hateful words and negitivity. So go ahead- cut those carrots and kale leaves in half now! Lol)
  12. Interrupting when someone is talking.
  13. That ONE person that always forgets to silence their cell phone before entering a movie theater.
  14. Trying to refold a road map or that instruction sheet that comes in any piece of furniture from IKEA. (I just crumple it up into a ball and call it good.)
  15. People who stand extra close behind you at the ATM or in line at the grocery store after you have taken your credit card out of your wallet. (You're in my personal payment bubble! Lol)
  16. The use of loud, unnecessary, vulgar profanity in public. (People who use the f-word as if it's as casual as saying 'and'. It's not attractive and actually serves to make one seem less intelligent, due to the appearance that they don't have a wide vocabulary to use and so they insert the f-word where more intelligent people would know an actual word to use.
  17. Guys leaving the toilet seat up. (GRRR!! Lol... Not all of us have the awesome opportunity of getting to stand up while making a pit-stop at the loo. So for those of us that would rather sit down without the risk of falling in, PLEASE put the seat down after you are done!) 
  18. The jerk that takes up two parking spaces on purpose because he feels that his car is more important than everyone elses car on the lot. 
  19. People chewing and sucking on toothpicks. (I'm just waiting for an accidental lip piercing to happen! Lol)
  20. When someone wears so much perfume/cologne that it enters the room before they do.
  21. People who constantly say they're overweight and refer to themselves as such, but never so much as make an attempt to fix the issue. 
  22. Seeing cars parked in the handicapped parking spot, and yet seeing no handicapped permit on the license plate or in the car window. (It's as if that person knows EVERY SINGLE handicapped person in the city and had checked with each of them ahead of time to make sure they weren't going to be needing that spot. Or, they simply didn't care either way and felt entitled to break the rules and be an all around nuisance.)
  23. Irrational and intentional misspellings such as: Kwik, alrite, fa sho, R rather than 'are'. (I'm okay with 'cuz' and 'tho' though. We initially started shortening those words because of the days back when our cell phone plans charged us for each and every text, and there were only so many characters allowed in one text message, so we saved ourselves some much needed characters by cutting those words in half. There was no such thing as 'unlimited texting' there for awhile in the dawn of the cellular phone era! Can you imagine? Lol!)
  24. Obnoxious children in public and the lackluster parent(s) that fail to even attempt to discipline them. 
  25. Anyone that dresses "gangsta". Being a gangster leads to one of two things: Death or prison. NOT COOL to imitate! So many that I see out and about need to choose a better role model, buy clothing that actually fits correctly and pants that stay up around their waist, and THEN go out into public- NOT before!
  26. When you pull a stray thread on your shirt and the entire hem comes unsewn. 
  27. Anyone who can't finish a sentence without saying "you feel me" or "you dig"? (No, I don't feel you and I certainly am not digging anything- I'm standing here trying to understand this rather odd dialect that you insist on using! Lol)
  28. When people text, email, or comment to a post online USING CAPS LOCK ON THE ENTIRE TEXT, EVEN THOUGH THEY AREN'T 'YELLING'. (I mean, did they somehow hit the caps lock without realizing it, and now they can't find it to turn it off? Lol)
  29. Bullies.
  30. Duck face in selfie photos. (Makes me want to go duck hunting! Lol)
  31. People who always have problems and make sure they let everyone else know exactly what those problems are, and yet they never do anything to solve them. (It really seems to me like they just want to piss & moan, but for what reason? For fun??)
  32. Mean people. (They SUCK!) 


Thank you for letting me rant and get this all off of my chest! I actually do feel lighter and clearer minded now! What would I do without you all? (I'd be one stressed out, witchy woman, that's what I'd be!) Lol... Much love and happiness to all of you all!! Until we meet again, *smooch* =-*