'No AA' Does Not Mean 'No Alcoholics Anonymous Members'...

You know, it really throws me off when people jump to quick assumptions about others and are so fast to throw around labels and call names when they themselves are contributing to the entire dilusion in the 1st place.

I do not prefer to date black guys. I never have. That's just me. Some guys don't like to date heavy chicks. Some don't like blondes. Some girls don't like super muscled ripped guys. Are all of us racist because we prefer one type to another? No. Just because I don't prefer to date black guys does not mean that im saying they are less of a human or anything. I'm just saying that's not my preference. That's it that's all. 

Also, saying "I'm not black, I'm cuban" is the same as someone saying "I'm not white, I'm canadian." Cummon now guys, get it together. Don't hate on someone and throw around curse words just because you aren't their type. There are plenty of fish in the sea and there's someone out there for everyone. So let's just keep it to 'sorry no, but have a nice day' to 'okay you too.' and get on with our lives. Okay? Great. Appreciate it!!