Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!

WOW. What a year!! While I look back upon the past year with fondness and cherished thoughts, I have to say that I am very excited about what this next year may bring. I just have a feeling its going to be super great!! (Anyone else have that feeling too?) 

Im not one to make a list of resolutions; mainly as a way to avoid all the self loathing that would come when I surely would either break or procrastinate to death every resolution on the list! Hahaha... 

Id like to take a moment and thank all of my VIP regs... (You know who you are) Thank you for the year of amazing memories! Thank you for your promptness and respect,  for sharing the many moments of tender intimacy, for enjoying the giggles and chuckles during the fun conversations we have had, for the gifts that put an ear-to-ear smile on my face, for the few extra roses you snuck in there for me now and then... Mainly what im trying to say is, thank you for being you!!! I only hope that I lived up to my end of expectations and filled your life with as much glee and stress relief as you did mine! 

This next year will bring many more great memories to add to the mix, and I promise to add in a few *hot* surprises here and there as well. :-)

Thank you again my VIPs!! Much luv to you all, and hope to see you again soon!!