How this hobby has opened my eyes in AMAZING ways!

Being a hobbyist has done many things to enrich my life, bring me joy, and has provided additional blessings in disguise that I hadn't even realized... Until now. =-)

This blessing came in the form of knowledge and insight into the male mind and how it operates. Views on relationships, life, love, etc, that I never would have had the opportunity of having insight into if it weren't for hobbying and the openness and willing nature of my beloved VIP gents to share it with me! I have had the great pleasure of conversing and spending quality time with each one of you, and I am very thankful and feel very honored that you have opened up to me about your thoughts on life and love, and given me a peek into into the gentleman's mind. The male brain is an awesome wonder to behold! I now completely grasp the meaning of the phrase "Men are from Mars; Women are from Venus". How true that is! As far as how we think through situations and work our way through life's ups and downs, men are as different from woman as night and day. It is a wonderous curiosity, the way you gentlemen's minds tick! If I could sum it up in just a few words I'd have to say that overall it is: straight-forward, practical, purposefully uncomplicated, and based on tangable facts rather than emotionally based thoughts or feelings.

Being able to hear about relationships from the men's perspective (as opposed to my own ultra-feminine, feelings and emotions based logic and reasoning) has opened my eyes up to many things that I need to change and rethink as far as my own ways and means of navigating through any future relationships. I will share a few specific examples of this:

One thing that I have come to realize is that men HATE to be nagged at. You know when your lady takes on that whiny tone of voice and is about to nag you about something or the other, and your ears close up tighter than a virgin's knees at church on Sunday! =-) Lol... One thing I will change in my future relationships is cutting out all of the nagging from my vocabulary. If I'd like the oil changed in the car, or the dryer vents cleaned out, I'll ask for it in a straight forward manner- kind, direct, and to the point. Then if it happens to slip the mind of my future bf and not end up getting done, rather than turning on the nagging I will think up some cute and clever ways to bring it to his attention again. For example, I could write "oil change please hunny?" in red lipstick on the bathroom mirror in the morning, or I could slip a post-it note into places that he would be sure to come across during his daily routine, such as on his steering wheel or placed inside his house slippers so it's the first thing he sees when he gets home from work and has some free time on his hands. I can already see that this method as opposed to the old and worn out nagging routine would create a much better opportunity for the requested task to get done at his convenience, and all without a potential conflict arising. How amazing! All from one little insight and an even smaller change in my own views and actions. Love it!!

Another thing that I have come to realize that is beloved by men and yet rarely occurs in many relationships is the importance of the female initiating the 'whoopie' sessions, shall we say, rather than it always having to be the man that brings up the idea. While I do know that men have this topic on their minds, on average, much more than we women, I also admit that if a woman says she can "go without it with no problem at all" then she's a d*mn liar!! Lol =-) She may be able to put on a good front and appear as if she isn't bothered by the lack of intimacy, but inside she's got a flame of burning desire that grows ever so larger and hotter with each passing day of sexual neglect. Anywho, I digress... In my future relationships I will make sure that I am the one who wakes up first in the morning, rolls over in bed, and lets my hands (or mouth) wander down into sexy places. I also have made a mental note to always keep switching up the program and never letting the routine grow stale and complacent. I have come to find that men are highly visual, carnal natured beings that highly appreciate an exciting new venture, especially when it is thought up and suggested by the opposite sex! For a prime example, I envision this taking place in my future someday: On a lazy Saturday afternoon when my future bf and I are both off of work, I am standing at the washing machine doing laundry while he sits in the adjacent room reading a magazine on the couch. Perhaps I strip off the entire outfit I am wearing and toss it into the load of laundry I just put into wash, and then glance in his direction with a sultry 'come hither' look on my face. We can then make great use of the vibrating surface of the dryer together and turn a lazy, boring Saturday into an amazing afternoon with a perma-smile plastered over both of our faces! Oh, and also I will be sure to compliment him on how nice and clean those dryer vents are too! =-)

So overall I have you all to thank for opening up my eyes to a previously forgein and unknown world and inner workings of the male mind. I feel that my future relationships will benefit from this insight greatly, and my future companionships will be all the more rewarding for both my future bf and I. No worries, tho- I am living this single life and LOVING it!! There is no chance of me being taken off of the market anytime soon. =-)

Take care my sweets, and until we meet again, =-* smooch! - Rissa