Five Things You Should NEVER Microwave.

1) Broccoli. When broccoli is heated in the microwave it loses up to 97% of its healthy antioxidants and nutrients. So, when most of us are eating the broccoli mostly for its health benefits anyhow, rather than for the actual wonderful taste of the vegetable, we may as well not nuke out all of its benefits because this makes it much more like eating cardboard than having a healthy part of a meal. Lol... A better option of heating? Steam or boil the broccoli for a few minutes then plunge into an ice bath to stop the cooking process.

2) Frozen fruit. The beneficial glucosides & galactasides contained in the frozen fruit convert into harmful carcinogenic substances when microwaved. Now granted, to come down with any form of cancer you would have to eat microwaved frozen fruit everyday, all day, for months on end, but still- why take the risk? Thaw it out at room temp, or run the sealed bag under hot water in the sink until it is at the desired state.

3) Frozen meat. Due to the uneven heating process of microwaves, part of the meat will cook thoroughly (along the edges) while the inside temp of the meat remains frozen. In between these layers will be a tepid area of meat that is raw, warm, and a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to multiply rapidly. Let frozen meat defrost in the fridge on a plate overnight or thaw it out slowly under cold, running water.

4) Plastic containers. When plastics are microwaved they produce many forms of carcinogensm which are then baked into the surrounding food. Even if the container says "microwave safe" it is only referring to the fact that the container is able to withstand the high temperatures inside the microwave without melting- this does not mean that the food cooked within the container is 'safe to eat'. Other harmful toxic chemicals have also been found and known to bleed into the food which you are about to consume. Some of these chemicals are: BPA, benzene, toluene, zylene, polyethylene terpthalate (PET). This also pertains to glass dishes covered with a layer of plastic wrap. A safe method? Take the food out of the plastic container and put on/into a glass dish and then heat up. Or, skip the microwave altogether.

5) Hot peppers. First of all, the pepper could catch fire. When the thin skin of the vegetable cooks it dries out to a thin, paper like consistency, and has been known to light on fire as if you had taken a match to a greeting card. Even if the pepper doesn't catch fire however, it still releases the chemical capsaicin while it heats, and when you open the door to the microwave all this chemical gas that has built up is released into the air and will burn your eyes and throat. Imagine spraying mace into a bag and then opening the bag right in front of your face- same effect. (Ouchy!!)

I admit that using the microwave is a quick and easy option to heat up a meal when we either don't have the time to spare, or just plain don't have the energy to do otherwise. But, when it comes to consuming cancer causing chemicals or burning your eyes out, I'd say that I for one am going to start making a few changes in my microwaving habits! Hope this has helped and enlightened you! XOXO =-)