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Q: Are you independent? (If not or if so, why?)

A: YES, I am totally, 100% completely independent. I always have been and I always will be. I have been a very self sufficient person my entire life and I generally live by the motto "If you want it done right, do it yourself". Honestly I never did understand why any intelligent, capable chick would pay a fee to someone to do things that she could very easily do herself. (Perhaps they just aren't that intelligent or capable after all and that is the underlying cause) Lol... And besides, this is not my 'job'. I have a 'real job' that covers my bills and supplies my daily needs quite well. (The first time that this starts feeling like work, I QUIT! Lol!) In my desire to remain a single young female, and due to the fact that I haven't had a drink in over two years now, my social life would be slim to none without this wonderful addition to my weekly routine. Because of the fact that I don't drink, I hardly ever frequent the local bars and clubs, where people generally go to rub elbows with strangers in the hopes of finding a new and exciting rendesvous. I don't know if you have ever tried meeting people at your local grocery store or library, but it is about as productive as a screen door in a submarine. Lol... This social avenue allows me to remain single and happy, while providing new and exciting experiences a few times per week, and also fills my weekends with fun fun FUN! =-)

Q: Do you have a boyfriend?

A: (As you may have learned in the answer to the previous question) No, I do not have a boyfriend, a fiance, a significant other, a 'better half', or 'soul mate'. My previous relationship ended a little roughly and 'put my heart through the ringer' as they say. The fact is that I did choose to leave him, so I do take full responsability for creating the mess that it ended up being, but all the same it is a scenario that I do not want to even come close to repeating anytime in the near future. Also in the beginning of the relationship I pursued him, so one could say that I 'chose' him for myself... Because of this fact, when it comes to deciding whether or not to be open to seriously dating anyone right now, I think to myself "I chose the last possible suitor and look at what a trainwreck that ended up being, so what business do I have dating at all right now if I can't even make a wise selection for myself?" And so, because of all this, I have decided to remain single and ready to mingle (no strings attached for now) until I get to know my 'inner self' better, and get to know exactly what I like/dislike, and what I want/do not want in a member of the opposite gender.

Q: Are you in school right now?

A: Not currently. Before I moved down here I was enrolled in the nursing program at the local Community College and had completed a year and a semester with an impressive GPA. At the start of that second year in college was when my life had started to spiral downward in terms of the relationship I was in, and this was also the same time that I decided to quit drinking completely and for good. Cutting a long story very short... Due to personal life constraints, financial difficulties and the whirl-wind of a break up I had suddenly ensued, I decided to take a leave from school for the time being after that semester had concluded. I do fully intend to return to school and finish out my degree though. All that time, money, and the many many nights spent up late studying and writing term papers have NOT gone to waste! Lol...

If you have any other questions that you are curious about, please shoot me an email and I would be happy to send back an answer. (My life is an open book so you don't have to judge just from the cover alone!) =-) You may also see your question included (anonymously of course!) in a future F.A.Q. - Rissa Answers Blog post! 

Take care my VIPs!! Until we meet again, =-* (smooch!)