Anyone have the phone number for GhostBusters?

I wouldn't necessarily say that I am a superstitious person, or one who whole-heartedly believes in the paranormal happenings that we occasionally hear of (mostly around the month of October). I would actually call myself a "super-skeptical believer", if such a thing exists. Whenever I have heard a tale of the other-worldly I have always tried to rationalize it with common sense ideals before taking things at face value (especially if that face is reportedly transparent and misty). I could surely say that my method of viewing the supernatural had served me well and usually left me with a practical solution to stand on rather than a head-scratching, confusing scenario. Regardless of all that, at 3am this morning I found myself standing there, scratching my head, stuck in the midst of confusion...
Normally I sleep like a rock. For some reason that still confounds me I was stuck awake early this morning, rolling back and forth under the cool silky sheets on my bed, and could not fall back asleep. After a grumble from my tummy I realize that it might be the slight tug of hunger that is keeping my eyes from drifting closed and decide to get up and have a bowl of cereal before attempting to drift into dreamland once again.
This idea most likely would have worked well, except for the fact that after going to the fridge I found myself with just enough milk left to cool my morning cup of coffee. (*Sigh*) And so, with no hope of returning to sleep and nothing else of interest in my kitchen cabinets, I decided to drive the few blocks down to the 24-hour gas station and pick up a gallon of milk. (I would have found myself there begrudgingly later that morning anyhow, when wanting a second cup of coffee and frustrated at having no milk to do just that, so heading out that early in the day started to seem more and more logical by the minute.)
I grab my phone (noticing the time says 2:22 AM on the screen), slide into my flip flops, throw a hooded sweatshirt over my silky tank-top & shorts pajama set, and dash off to the store. I grab the milk and return home without incedent. This is where things got confusing...
I pulled into the parking lot and slowly drove up into the spot that I normally use to reverse my car into its normal parking space (so that when I leave out all I have to do is drive forward and off into the street I go). I shift into reverse, preparing to back into my space, and look into the rear-view mirror to suddenly see a woman walking left to right behind my car. I immediately press the breaks and waved my hand out the window as an apologetic way of saying 'Oops! Sorry, didn't see you there- continue on as you were'. And I glance over to the passenger side mirror, waiting to see her exit from behind my car so I could continue backing into my parking space. I watch and wait for a few seconds, and when seeing no woman walk out from behind my car, I turn around in my seat and look out the back window- no woman. I turn to the left and the right, looking out the side windows- no woman! I was immediately aghast and bewildered, thinking 'Where did that lady just go? Is she laying down behind my car or something?' Stunned, I put the car in park and get out to glance around and locate this woman before I find out the hard way that she had layed down behind my car in hopes of gaining a personal injury lawsuit against my car insurance company, or was attempting suicide by slow-car-crushing. (At 3am in New Orleans, who knows?!?) After giving the entire lot a thorough once-over and finding no person besides my bewildered self, I conceded to the unlikely thought that I may be hallucinating. (Lol...) I just couldn't believe it! If you know anything about where I live then you know how wide open this parking lot is, and especially at 3am when it is devoid of other cars and flooded with light from two overhead flood lamps as well as rows of lights along the buildings, there just isn't anywhere this lady could have ducked off into that I wouldn't have seen her... Suddenly feeling tired and deflated, I backed into my parking spot and thought to myself 'Well Rissa, you can no longer say that you live between two cemetaries and have never seen a ghost'.
*Interesting after-thoughts:
I remember hearing that 2-3AM is called the 'witching hour', because it is supposedly the time of day when the veil between our world and the spirit realm is the thinnest. Was it merely a coincidence that I noticed my phone said '2:22AM' when the screen lit up after I had unplugged it from its wall charger?
After telling a friend about this incident, she instantly became wide-eyed and confided in me that when she was 16 years old and had first gotten her drivers license she was racing home after being late for her cerfew, and coming down Gentilly Ave at about 60mph she had to swerve and slam on the breaks to avoid hitting a 'hunched over elderly man with a cane walking across the road'. She had stopped and gotten out of the car to make sure that he was okay, just to find that there was no person in the vacinity what-so-ever, let alone a slow & ambling elderly man with a cane. She said that she had never told a soul what happened that night and came to think that perhaps it was 'God telling her to slow down and drive the speed limit'. Lol...
I would love to say that it was simply my eyes playing tricks on me and my friend, and chalk it up to that, but the fact that i distinctly remember how the red glare of my brake lights had washed the woman behind my car in a faint red glow, removes any possibility that it was simply a figment of my imagination or a trick of light, etc.
Being unable to find a logical, earthly based reasoning to this situation, I am left with the bitter conclusion that after 27 years of never seeing anything paranormal, I now can no longer say that very thing. (*sigh*) :-)