A Party Gras To Remember...

Beads, masks, funnel cake, frothy Albita ale, it was certainly a week that will go down in my history books! This being my first Mardi Gras down here, I hit up a couple parades, took a glance down into the quarter (before high tailing it away from that huge mass of drunken humanity) :-) and over all I had a blast and would like to thank one Canadian VIP Gent the most for making it such a memorable awesome occasion. (You know who you are and what I'm talking aboot) hehehe... who would have thought that a transplant Chicago native would have a Canadian resident show her the ins-n-outs of the greatest festival on earth? But it did and w3 survived and are all the better for it! 

I'm much looking forward to next year and what that may bring my way! Hopefully a lot of the exact same festivity, because it was all so great I wouldn't change a thing! (Well okay, maybe the taxis could have gotten it together a little better, but lesson learned... leave two hours early to arrive hopefully on time!)  :-) 

Hoping that all my VIP Gents had a super swell time like I did! We made it through happy and healthy. Now back to the grind and monotony of reality. (When you need a break tho, you know who to call.) I'll be waiting! :-)