10 Ways To Catch Her Eye (And keep it!)

1) Appear Confident... Even if you arent known to be the most confident guy in your group, locate the guy that IS the most confident, and take mental notes on his demeanor. What subtle actions/gestures does he make that set him appart from the ho-hum regular crowd? Is it his sense of humor? Does he have a wide bank of random interesting facts tucked away in his brain that he pulls out at interesting times to spice up a dull conversation? Or, is he the daring and overall crazier type that isnt afraid to get loud in the middle of the library? Take notice of any of these traits and see which ones would/could apply to you and your own personality. Take a few of the traits on a test drive and see if they work out for you!

2) Be open for a conversation... (Not buried in your phone!) Lol. Granted, this is the age of technology, and more than 75% of our lives are bound up inside of these 3x5 inch pieces of glass and plastic at any one time of our day, but when you are out in public or in a local hang out and 'on the prowl' for a new little hottie, put the phone on vibrate and tuck it away in your pocket for the time being. When a perspective chick sees a confident, well dressed man and becomes interested in striking up a conversation with him, she is mentally turned away if she sees that he is immersed in his phone.

3) Dress for the occasion... Even if it's your day off of work and you are just heading out to the grocery store for a gallon of milk, you may want to take a second glance in the mirror before walking out the door and evaluating your choice of wardrobe for the trip. Given, it is just a short jaunt there and back, but you never know when you may find yourself in the checkout line behind the cutest little thing that you have seen in awhile! So be prepared ahead of time. I'm not suggesting that you don a three piece suit and dress to the tens, but making sure that your outfit is matching, and your shoes/belt/hat are in coordination with the rest, will go a long way in any girl's first glance impressions of you. A wrinkled, tired old t-shirt that you had worn while re-painting the deck wouldn't be the best option here. Save those clothing items for the next time you do handy work around the house. =-)

4) Act relaxed... (Even if you're not) It will go a long way to open up the lines of possible conversation if you appear laid back and relaxed in your surroundings. If you are comfortable with yourself this reflects back to your personal self confidence, and let me tell you with complete honesty - self confidence is sexy!! (Reflect back to number one of this list for tips on gaining self confidence techniques.)

5) SMILE!... When appropriate, of course. I wouldnt recommend walking around with a smile permanently plastered on your face all of the time because that gives off a somewhat creepy vibe. Lol! By 'smile' I mean don't be afraid to flash those pearly whites if you happen to share glances with people in your vacinity. If she sees that pretty smile on your face, even if it isn't directed at her for that moment, it will show that you are friendly, open to people, and willing to spread the joy a bit. This makes for a posative response every time.

6) Good posture... No more slouching over in your seat! Sit up with your back straight, shoulders level, chin up, eyes alert, mouth not curved downward in a frown, and think pleasant thoughts. (Thinking happy things reflects on your entire face and can mean the difference between looking grumpy and appearing satisfied and content.) Having good posture also reflects back to self confidence. If you look like you take good care of yourself then she will automatically assume that you do care for yourself and in turn are openly able to care for others.

7) Help someone around you... If an elerly lady needs assitance across the street, or if someone drops a stack of papers or needs help opening a door - make sure you're that someone! People take notice of the good deeds that others do, and you never know- this could be the one action that puts you in that little hottie's cross hairs of view and leads to the first convo! And besides, shouldn't we all generally be open to helping others anyhow? =-)

8) Offer her a sincere compliment that opens the opportunity for further convo... Telling a girl that she has nice hair or nice perfume is always appreciated and is a sweet gesture, but it doesn't necessarily leave much opportunity for her to reply with something that will open up a conversation for you two to linger on together. Perhaps try complimenting on something that you two may have in common, such as "I love your Addidas backpack! Have you seen the new Addidas tennis shoes? They're awesome!" - or - "You have the new IPhone 7, I see... How do you like it so far? I was thinking of upgrading to it but Im not sure if I can live without the earphone jacks!" These types of compliments will leave the convo open for her to come back with a response that gives you two something to mull over and chat about for a bit.

9) Wear a welcoming scent & tasteful amount of cologne... I do admit that everyone has a different taste when it comes to cologne, but I would like to offer the advice that the more musky, sharp scented colognes will shut down a conversation faster than you can say "hey there, lil lady!" Lol... It's not that there is something wrong with them persay, it's just that they are very 'awakening & attentive' to one's nose, rather than being inviting and assuring. A great example of a musky, sharp scent would be the original Stetson cologne. If your intentions are to be meeting new prospective mates then you may want to opt for a lighter scent with more earthy and citrus notes. (A few examples: Davidoff's 'Cool Water', Giorgio Armani's 'Acqua Di Gio', and Dolce & Gabbana's 'Light Blue') Also, with cologne my favorite saying is "Just a dab will do ya!" Lol, any designer and high quality cologne will be strong enough that one or two sprays at the most should suffice for your scent-ual needs. Any more than that and your cologne will enter a room before you do, and this is not a trait you want to be known for. =-)

10) Brush up on your gentleman's skills... Hold the door open for the next person coming through. Open a door for a lady of any age- If a hottie sees you opening the door at the gas station for an elderly lady, her heart will immediately soften for you! If you see that someone had dropped an empty soda bottle on the ground two steps away from a garbage recepticle, perhaps pick it up and toss it in. Any of these little thoughtful notions will go a long way in a lady's eyes.

Hope this list helps! If I could say just one thing overall tho, BE YOURSELF. If you have to become someone that you're not just to hold the focus of a female, then that female isn't the one for you.... Don't let up the search tho, because with 6 billion people on this planet and over half of them being female, chances are in your favor champ! =-) Also, always keep an open eye when in public for an opportunity to help others and to be courteous/stewardly. Something that you may think as unimportant could very well be the thing that catches her attention and refocuses it onto you! Best of luck on your hunt, gents!
smooch! =-*